Check-in On Friday at 17:00 Departure at 17:00 On Sunday

  • Daily yoga classes of different styles. All levels. We always make some variants for the more advanced.
  • 2 easy Hiking routes through the Natural Park and along the seashore with "Healing Rituals" in the sea and in the pine forest.
  • Guide Meditations.
  • Self-massage workshop.
  • Dance workshop: Self-Knowledge, emotional liberation and body opening.
  • Introspection Workshop: Awareness, transmutation and healing.
  • Pranayama (breathing exercises) in nature. Breathing exercises to better oxygenate your body and calm the nervous system.
  • ,Mantra singing workshop and Kirtan:Breathing techniques, meaning of mantras, meditation through singing Mantras in group.
  • Gong Baths.


*Daily yoga classes of different styles. All levels. We always make some variants for the more advanced.

*Guided meditations
*Healing rituals and meditations in the pine forest and in the sea
*Mantra singing workshop. Breathing techniques, meaning of mantras, meditation through singing: Kirtan
*Pranayama in nature: Breathing exercises to better oxygenate your body and calm the nervous system.
*Easily accessible hiking trails through the pine forest and along the seashore
*Introspection workshops through movement and dance
*Dynamics of expression, connection and harmonization of emotions
*Self-massage workshop
*Gong Bath

ASK FOR THE PROGRAM BY WHASSAP : (+34) 610 71 60 41 !!

Place: La Laguna de Bolonia, Betis, Tarifa.

Check-in on Friday at 5pm. Departure at 5:00 p.m. on Sunday

The Retreat Center: La Laguna de Bolonia, is a magical place in the middle of a Natural Park and just 10 minutes by car from the best beaches Punta Paloma and Bolonia, Tarifa, Cádiz, Southern Spain.

It is a beautiful Center with stone and wood houses, built with a lot of love and in a sustainable way.

There are different single and double-triple rooms with bathrooms to share.

We have a beautiful yoga room with a wooden floor and ceiling with all the necessary material: mats, blocks, cushions, etc.

We also have a large outdoor porch for activities. Very cozy small room with fireplace, indoor and outdoor dining room, outdoor Chill-Out Area, free parking and garden with its own garden.

The diet:

The diet is vegetarian, very healthy, with different spices, very tasty and the desserts are original and delicious.

There is always water to drink, infusions, tea, coffee and delicious fruits all day long.

We also have a large refrigerator for us.

For people who have intolerances such as gluten, dairy, etc., there is always alternative food.

Prices: with everything included:

240€ per person in a double-triple room to share with 1 or 2 people with a maximum total of 3 people per room.

There are only 2 triple rooms, the rest are doubles.

There are also 2 tiny mezzanines for 1 person each, which have the same price of €240.

300€ per person in a single room.

The bathrooms are to share.

Limited places to 20 pleople.

We share the cars and we leave from Marbella

The booking is with  70€. You can contact me for more details by phone or whassap: (0034) 610 71 60 41.

In case you cannot come to the Retreat, you can take this money for my yoga classes , massages or as a deposit to the next Retreat during the year.

I love this place, it gives me a lot of positive energy and that’s why I want you to come.

Come and live this experience to disconnect, relax, enjoy, meet interesting people, with the same intention, be in total nature, feel yourself, dedicate this time to yourself, which you surely deserve and also for your healing, self -knowledge, revelation and spiritual evolution.

In all the Retreats there is always a change, since the place, the dynamics and the healthy diet are at your service for your transformation.

About me:

I am Sol Jiménez Mateos, Yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance and Yoga Alliance International Certificate, Chiromassage, Osteo Thai Massage, traditional Thai Massage, Reiki, Ayurveda and Shiatsu principles. Organizer and facilitator of Retreats and Kirtan workshops: Mantras, Meditations, Tantra-yoga philosophy and Emotional Therapist.