“I believe in life everything happens for a reason. The universe connects us with the right people and in the right time. I decided to start yoga with Sol and I realised in the first day I met her that she was a very kind person, spiritual, friendly and with empathy as she is always worried to correct everyone posture and understand everyone special needs.

I met amazing people in this yoga retreat and I was so pleased to have joined. It was an intense weekend with different types of experiences that helped us to appreciate our senses, to balance chakras, improve the breathing, relax the mind and clean some traumas that was still inside disturbing due past bad relationships that I had with people that hurt me, we learnt to forgive our enemies so we can be happier in life. We connected with the nature, we ate healthy meals and we are keeping these beautiful memories and lessons that we will carry with us for lifetime. I feel so much relaxed, energised and blessed!

Thanks so much for everything Sol! You are amazing! Looking forward for the next retreat! Namaste”