It consists of working emotions through dance.
The dance is guided at the beginning to mark the intention but the goal is for the dance to be totally free, so that each one expresses her personality.
It is based on the influence of the 5 rhythms with a very personalized touch depending on the energy of the group: the masculine side, the feminine side, the chaotic side, the artistic side and the side of listening and connecting with oneself.
This workshop is very beneficial to unlock hidden emotions that we don’t even know we have and with this dance technique we can release, achieving a state of great connection with oneself, it helps balance self-esteem and feel liberated.

We finish the workshop with a Relaxation, Pranayama (relaxation exercises that help calm the mind and the nervous system), Mantras (devotional song from India that helps Meditation) and Meditation as a final goal for peace and harmony.